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Dan Humbert and Alberto Quiceno are happy to announce that their estate team—DNA Florida—is up and running in Bonita Springs, Florida.

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate field, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality experience for buying and selling real estate in Southwest Florida.  Our professional experience in the legal world in thousands of transactions allows us to negotiate effectively on behalf of our clients, and to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur.  This approach creates successful—and safer—transactions for our clients.

Our knowledge and experience have led our clients to trust us with their most important real estate transactions.  We are committed to honoring this trust.  And this commitment is what distinguishes us from other real estate agents.  We look forward to working with you.

Top Traits of an Excellent Bonita Bay Realtor

Bonita Bay is an award-winning community known for being responsible, environmentally friendly, beautifully landscaped and filled with outstanding real estate options for interested homebuyers.

Local residents enjoy a fabulous lifestyle with more than 1400 acres of open space, lakes and nature preserves where they can indulge in biking, hiking and various outdoor recreation. Visitors to the area are mesmerized by the beautiful atmosphere, the friendly neighbors, the wildlife that makes its home in Bonita Bay and often times visitors are so enthralled with the community that they commit to being full time residents.


10 “Must Do” Activities in Bonita Bay

Bonita Bay is known as a unique, charming and luxurious community located in Southwest Florida where retirees, empty nesters and young families invest in beautiful vacation homes and indulge in a carefree and exciting lifestyle that rivals Caribbean vacations. Bonita Bay has set the standard for the Florida community lifestyle as well as for environmentally friendly developments.

The Bonita Bay lifestyle is characterized by luscious landscaping, stunning ocean views, luxurious real estate options, exciting culture, entertainment and various activities for residents to take part in. There is no shortage of sights to see or activities to enjoy in Bonita Bay and with such a long list of amenities to take advantage of it can be difficult to decide what to do. Luckily the team at DNA Florida Real Estate was able to put together a quick guide of the top 10 “must do” activities in Bonita Bay.


What Makes Bonita Bay Real Estate So Desirable?

Bonita Springs is a city in Lee County, Florida located on the southwest coast of the state just north of prestigious Naples. You will find the Gulf of Mexico to the West and the Everglades to the East.

The city boasts a mild climate year round and is known as a tropical paradise that primarily exists as a retirement community for individuals looking to enjoy their Golden Years or young families and others who are looking for a perfect second home to use as a vacation property.

Bonita Bay is a beautiful and luxurious gated community that is located in Bonita Springs. The community was established in 1984 and it is widely recognized for setting the standard for environmentally responsible development.

Bonita Bay was also honored by the Urban Land Institute as the nation’s number one large-scale residential community. The community evokes a unique charm that is unlike any other and sets the standard for the Florida community lifestyle.

What makes Bonita Bay real estate so desirable?


7 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Bonita Bay

Bonita Bay may just have the most desirable real estate in Lee County, Florida.

The private gated community offers a beautiful lifestyle characterized by luscious green surroundings, breathtaking ocean views and luxurious amenities for local residents to take advantage of.

There are many types of properties available to interested homebuyers including single-family homes, high-rise condos and oceanfront estates. If you are thinking about buying real estate in Bonita Bay make sure to prepare ahead of time and work with an established real estate agent who you can trust.

Being organized and planning out your search will help you find your dream home in a timely and efficient manner.


Where to Find Condos in Bonita Springs

Bonita Bay is home to various neighborhoods and charming communities that are each unique in their own way and have different properties and amenities to offer interested homebuyers.

While each home is different and every neighborhood has its own unique properties, the entire Bonita Bay region is known for its beautiful natural landscaping, sparkling lakes, the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and a relaxed lifestyle.

Bonita Bay has 57 different neighborhoods where you can find outstanding real estate opportunities ranging from beautiful single-family homes to luxurious high-rise condos.

Here is an introductory guide to some of the finest condos in Bonita Springs.


10 Tips for Selling Real Estate in Bonita Bay

Bonita Bay in Bonita Springs is one of the most desirable luxury locations in Southwest Florida.

The Bonita Bay community is home to 57 neighborhoods and communities that offer prime luxury real estate in the form of single-family estates, villas, waterfront properties and high-rise condos. The real estate options in Bonita Bay are highly sought after and when a property is listed for sale, which is rare, it goes quickly. Bonita Bay real estate sells itself!

The wonderful resort lifestyle is characterized by luscious landscaping, manicured golf courses, private boat docks with access to the Gulf of Mexico, breathtaking views of natural preserves, amenities that rival those of five-star hotels and so much more.

Although Bonita Bay real estate may be easier to sell due to the high demand, there are still some things to consider and to take care of when selling real estate in Bonita Bay.

Check out some of these tips put together by the team of experts at DNA Florida
Real Estate


Where to Find Single Family Homes in Bonita Springs

Bonita Bay is a magnificent community that is comprised of charming private neighborhoods that offer a wide range of residences and properties to interested homebuyers.

Those who are looking to move to Bonita Springs can choose from single family homes with custom designs, villa homes as well as luxurious high-rise condos.

All of the properties are located right near the Gulf of Mexico, beautiful natural preserves, golf courses, walking and biking paths, lakes and premium shopping and dining centers.

The Bonita Bay community is designed to meet the needs of residents and to provide a one-of-a-kind Bonita Bay lifestyle in Southwest Florida. Individuals who reside in Bonita Bay can also become members of the Bonita Bay Club and access all the wonderful amenities and activities offered there.


What is the Lifestyle in Bonita Bay?

Imagine looking out of your window to see endless stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and sugary white sand beaches.

These views are what inspire the lifestyle in Bonita Bay – the carefree living, unparalleled recreation and an outstanding balance between coastal nature and modern amenities.

Bonita Bay is a beautiful and highly desirable luxury gated community that is located within Bonita Springs. Bonita Springs is located just north of Naples, Florida and is an outstanding tropical paradise that offers the finest amenities, activities and real estate opportunities in Southern Florida.

Bonita Bay was established in 1983 and has since won numerous awards and quickly gained prominence as one of the finest and most luxurious developments in the area. Bonita Bay is known for being environmentally responsible as well as for its stunning landscaping, 1400 acres of open space, sparkling lakes and beautiful nature preserves. The community has much to offer to its residents and visitors alike including golf courses, biking and walking paths, a clubhouse and various other luxury amenities.

Whether you are interested in a vacation property, a family home or a sanctuary to enjoy some relaxation you are sure to find Bonita Bay and the local lifestyle the finest in the area.


Top High-Rise Developments in Bonita Bay

One of the main attractions that appeals to homebuyers in Bonita Bay are the stunning views of the beautiful natural surroundings.

Imagine looking outside of your window and seeing emerald green waters, sugary white sand beaches and blue skies without a cloud in sight. This is the view that buyers are looking for and paying for, and the best way to get it is to live in one of the top high-rise developments in Bonita Bay.

There are various real estate options throughout Bonita Springs, but some of the finest developments and properties are found within the master-planned community if Bonita Bay.

The high-rise developments in Bonita Bay offer a true resort lifestyle that is characterized by luxurious accommodations, modern architecture and finishes and outstanding amenities that rival those of a five star hotel.

Bonita Bay is home to 57 different neighborhoods where you can find a wide range of real estate options including single-family homes, estate properties, condos and townhomes and the finest high-rise developments in Southwest Florida.


Why You Should Spend Summer in Bonita Springs

The best destinations to spend your summer are always surrounded by beaches, are home to the finest restaurants and activities and have outstanding weather. You wouldn’t want to spend your summer somewhere where it always rains or where there is absolutely nothing to do.

Bonita Springs is an outstanding tropical community that boasts a mild climate year round and is home to some of the finest beaches in Southwest Florida as well as stunning real estate options and vacation rentals.

Whether you are visiting Bonita Springs for a week, a month or for the entire summer you will never run out of things to do or see and you will never be disappointed by the wealth of activities, events and recreation available to you.

The lifestyle in Bonita Springs is characterized by lazy beach days, exciting activities, stunning natural beauty, luxurious amenities and accommodations and so much more. If you spend your summer in Bonita Springs you will truly experience a five-star vacation.

Here is a short list of the top reasons why you should spend summer in Bonita Springs.


Bonita Bay Home Search Tips

So you’ve decided to look for a home in Bonita Bay…congratulations!

That is the first step towards making all of your real estate dreams come true. Bonita Bay is an outstanding master planned community known for its exclusivity and luxurious accommodations. The gated community is located in Bonita Springs, which is just north of the prestigious Naples area.

Bonita Bay is located in a true tropical paradise with the Gulf of Mexico gracing the white sand beaches with warm turquoise waters and the majestic Everglades standing to the east.

Bonita Bay was established in 1984 and has won numerous awards for being one of the most environmentally friendly developments with more than 1400-acres of open green spaces, lakes and nature preserves.

Bonita Bay is also known for the wonderful amenities and accommodations available to its residents and visitors. Tennis, golf, hiking, swimming, exciting events and activities, spa facilities and a state-of-the-art fitness center are just a few of the top amenities available to Bonita Bay residents.

Apart from the amenities located within the community, you will also find some of the finest beaches, parks and trails just outside Bonita Bay. There is also a wide range of outstanding shopping centers, fine dining establishments and so much more for you to take advantage of when you visit Bonita Bay.


Top 5 Wedding Reception Locations in Bonita Springs

What’s better than a wedding in a tropical location with beautiful views of the beach and the stunning natural surroundings?

A couple’s wedding day marks the beginning of a new life together and this is a very special day to be shared with friends and family.

There is a lot of pressure put on couple’s planning their wedding, but all of this fear and worry easily dissipates knowing that you are in good hands when planning your wedding day in Bonita Springs.

There are numerous hotels, country clubs and luxurious venues spread throughout the community that offer outstanding accommodations and packages for couples looking to tie the know in beautiful Bonita Springs.

Whether you want a small ceremony to be shared with your closest friends and family or an elaborate event right on the beautiful beach you are sure to be more than satisfied with the wedding venues in Bonita Springs.

There’s no better way to begin your life as newly married husband and wife than at these top five wedding reception locations in Bonita Springs!


The 7 Coolest Offices in Bonita Springs

Where your office is located contributes to how your work day progresses and also how you ultimately feel about your career.

We spend more time working and in our respective offices than we do in our homes with our families so everyone knows just how important it is to enjoy your career, your office and to get along with your co-workers.

Bonita Springs is a community that is naturally stunning and it is known for offering some of the most outstanding office spaces with breathtaking views of the surrounding golf courses, beaches and lakes.

Successful executives understand how important first impressions are and they strive to provide a work environment that allows them to conduct business in a professional manner. They know that a comfortable and attractive office space is good for business and that it is important to keep employees satisfied.

If you could choose between a grey cubicle in an office with no windows or a spacious office with views of Estero Bay, which would you choose?

Whether it’s architecturally significant or perfectly located in a luscious and busy center the offices in Bonita Springs allow companies and individuals to thrive. Here are some of the coolest offices in Bonita Springs with outstanding accommodations and amenities.

What You Should Know About the Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Florida

Florida real estate has always been a good deal for investors.

Real estate is the most reliable source of income and wealth building, so much so that some individuals even make a career out of it. Gambling with stocks or depending on interest rates from a mutual fund account are slow to build and are not reliable.

While real estate can also be a gamble, there is a way to be smart about investing in the market and protecting that investment.

Prime Florida real estate with a great return on investment is not difficult to find. Whether you purchase a condo by the beach in Bonita Springs or a stunning home in a desirable community, the popularity of the area guarantees a consistent flow of income from tourists and visitors to the area.

Real Estate Investment in Florida